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Logging In With a Touch or a Phrase (Anything but a Password)

"Rachna Dhamija, a California computer scientist turned entrepreneur, sought to combat those weaknesses by breaking up the password."

New York Times - December 23, 2011

CFP2009 panelists: Online consumers are often careless or foolish

"Rachna Dhamija painted a grim picture of how consumers deal with online security during the Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference in Washington, D.C."

Consumer Reports blog - June 3, 2009

7 Useful Startups Launched This Week

UsableLogin is quite a nice tool intended to help you manage all your online login needs with just one password...

Profy: Svetlana Gladkova - September 13, 2008

DEMO: One Simple Password for Any Site — and It's Safe?

The most intriguing presentation for me at this afternoon's Demo session was UsableLogin, a system that will allegedly let you use one easy-to-remember password at any site you have an account for and not suffer the dire consequences typically forecast for those of us too lazy to change our passwords...

Today @ PCWorld: Edward N. Albro - September 8, 2008

DEMO: The Best Security Solutions

Usable Security showed a new method for logging in to web sites... You have a single code word that works for all of your sites, but the codeword isn't actually your password... Michael J. Miller - September 9, 2008

DEMOfall '08: It's IT time

Usable Security Systems demoed UsableLogin, its single-sign-on system for websites. It uses a browser plug-in to let users type in a single "codeword" that works for all the user's websites, but only works from authorized computers — even if bad guys learn the codeword, it's useless without physical access...

Computerworld: Frank Hayes - September 9, 2008

DEMOfall 08: Usable Security Systems gives you a login you can remember...

Usable Security Systems has an interesting proposition for people who just don't want to bother with having secure passwords. Secure passwords are gobbledygook — you type combinations of letters, symbols and numbers so that your password can't be easily guessed...

VentureBeat: Dean Takahashi - September 8, 2008

DEMOfall 08: Our Top 10 to Out Perform

Usable Security Systems offers the simplest, yet most secure, consumer password scheme we've come across. We expect this smart little startup will catch the eye of the big security firms and not stay a little independent startup for very long.

The Guidewire: Chris Shipley - October 13, 2008

Emerging Tech award winners named

Security winner Usable Security Systems Inc. helps reduce "phishing" problems on the Internet.

San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal - December 5, 2008

How to keep your secrets safe in the cloud

Usable creates a strong, unique password for every site All you need to do is login with your one codeword - anywhere. For someone like me, Usable is a blessing!

Under the Radar - April 10, 2009

Rifling Through My Notebook

Usable Security Systems was there making a play for those Internet users who simply cannot keep straight all of their myriad passwords -- in other words, everybody.

The Industry Standard: Paul McNamara - September 15, 2008

Startups seek new ways to bolster enterprise, Web security

A password keychain for the Web Usable Security Systems addresses the problem posed to users by the necessity of remembering passwords for a multitude of sites. When it debuts next year, the UsableLogin Service will let users use one password for any number of sites...

InfoWorld: Bill Snyder - September 9, 2008

The end of password headaches

Rachna Dhamija who has studied the password issue at Berkeley and Harvard, says the average person has to log into about 25 online accounts. So Dhamija, the CEO and founder of Usable Security Systems, has come up with a solution, called UsableLogin...

USAToday: Ed Baig - September 11, 2008

Top 10 Up-and-Coming Products

This password-aggregating service hews closely to the secure password system our lead editor proposed two years ago: One password you can remember, modified for every web site login by a system you can understand...

Lifehacker: Kevin Purdy - September 10, 2008

Usable Security Systems

Usable Security Systems showed a clever method for logging on to websites securely using a single, easy to remember code.

The Financial Times: Paul Taylor - September 11, 2008

Usable Security Systems strengthens password defenses

The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal recognizes Usable Security Systems as Silicon Valley's Hottest Up-and-Coming Security Company.

San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal - December 5, 2008

UsableLogin Gives You One Login For All The Web

UsableLogin is a new application from Usable Security Systems which allows you to choose one simple code word and use it to log into any web site...

ReadWriteWeb: Sarah Perez - September 12, 2008

UsableLogin lets you use one password for all sites

The password problem may finally be solved! Usable Security Systems announced here at DemoFall on Monday a new service that will let people use one password on any site on the Web...

CNET News: Elinor Mills - September 8, 2008

UsableLogin: the Universal Login

Finally! Someone is coming up with a universal login for the internet, that will (I hope) replace the painful-to-use Open ID…

Ubergizmo: Eliane Fiolet - September 8, 2008