About Usable Security Systems

Usable was founded as the first security company to put users at the center of system design. We start with a deep understanding of what users can and can't do, and we make their natural behavior secure.
We know how to build systems that are easy to use and hard to defeat.

Usable Security Systems was founded in 2008.

The Usable Team

  • Dr. Rachna Dhamija, founder.

    Former CEO of Usable, Rachna is a pioneer in the movement to apply usability to computer security.

  • Dr. Brian Fields

    Brian earned his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and has been passionately developing systems that push the state of the art ever since.

  • Chris Karlof

    Chris received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and likes to build secure systems that are a pleasure to use.

  • James Reffell

    James is a designer. He helps make security less scary for normal people.

  • John Engler

    John is a research engineer and spends his time creating solutions that make people happy.

The Usable Emeriti

  • Allan Schiffman, founder.

    Allan's 30-year career has included significant contributions as an engineer and entrepreneur in programming languages, object-oriented design, software tools, communications security protocols and electronic commerce systems.

  • Ian Fischer

    Ian was Usable's first Engineer. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at UC Berkeley.